Great is Thy Faithfulness

Morning by morning, new mercies I see.

Today is May the 13th, making it one year since I left on the biggest adventure of my life and just over six months since I came back.
This last year has been the most incredible year of my life to date. It had its amazing ups, and it had some downs, I made some mistakes and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve made heaps of new friends, started learning a new language and live independently for the first time ever.
Six months.

I can’t believe how its been. I can’t believe how hard its been. I knew it would be difficult, but I wasn’t expecting it in the way it made its self clear.  It was the little things; everyone speaking English, lack of routine, the way people dress, the way people drive and what people talked about.
It was hard few months, and went for a lot longer than I felt it should, and as a result I ended up alienating myself.

But God is faithful.

I remember once Salim was telling some people about the opportunity and benefits of volunteering with Musalaha, and he mentioned that now I will know what I want to do in the future.
I am discovering that he was right. I know I want to work with the marginalized, both here in Australia and overseas. I’m almost finished my Teaching ESL course, and half way through my Teacher Aide course and I’m loving them. Twice a week I volunteer at a local school in a class of Preps(4-5 yr olds), and sometimes I help out in the ESL room as well. The school is a small school in a low socio-economic area with 80% of the students either born in a different country or 1st generation Australians. It is an incredible environment.
I have even made friends with a little girl from Saudi in my class who speaks no English, its so awesome to see her get involved and play games with the other kids. As a result I have made friends with her sister, father and mother and I’m hopefully teaching them English as well!

I think as a result of my time overseas I have become more and more aware of marginalized people here in Australia. One area I have become passionate about is the refugee community. Unfortunately refugees aren’t given the most hospitable welcome here, especially if they have come by boat.
I’m planning to move up to Darwin in the next few months which will mean a new adventure/change of scenery and I’m hoping to get a job working with refugees.

For now, I’m happy being in Australia if it means I can work in areas I’m passionate about. But I can’t promise that will last long.
I refuse to live my life looking back thinking, ‘remember that really awesome thing I did in 2012?’

PS if you want to know more about Refugees in Australia, check this documentary out.